Michael Saltzstein Points Out The Factors That Make Swimming a Great Hobby

Swimming has been one of the most popular hobbies pursued by people across the globe for decades. According to Michael Saltzstein, the numerous physical and mental benefits offered by the activity of swimming makes it the ideal recreational sport to participate in. Unlike many other sports, there is no age limit in swimming. Right from young children to their grandparents, everyone can have a fun time at the pool, while enhancing their fitness levels. As swimming puts way lesser pressure on the bones and knee joints of the body, in comparison to the typical exercise done on land, it is considered to be a great way for elderly individuals to stay fit and active.

Swimming is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise that can be enjoyed by all the members of a family. Michael Saltzstein says that swimming is both easy and inexpensive, and is an activity that everyone can enjoy at their once pace. Moreover, apart from helping people to get or stay in shape, swimming can also be quite advantageous in enabling people to improve their mental health. Swimming with friends and family can also be a great bonding activity, and help people to spend some quality time with their loved ones while doing something fun and engaging.

The advantages of swimming are numerous. Here are some of them as underlined by Michael Saltzstein:

  • Swimmers are able to gain muscle strength throughout their body. While runners majorly see muscle build on their legs, swimmers tend to use more muscle groups in order to move through the water and get to enjoy a full-body workout.
  • There are many physical activities that can prove to be challenging for people who are a bit unfit or new to working out. However, as swimming enables each person to go at their own pace, it can be a great starting point for newcomers. The majority of public swimming pools even have designated shallower areas for beginners and the ones who prefer to swim slowly.
  • Injuries and medical conditions like arthritis often make it difficult for people to carry out any type of high-impact exercise. As water tends to support the muscles gently, swimming is preferred by a number of such individuals who are unable to participate in various other high-impact, high-resistance exercises.
  • Apart from building cardiovascular strength, swimming can go a long way in improving the lung capacity of a person, as well as their control over breathing. The humid air of indoor pools might also aid in improving the symptoms of asthma.

A lot of people eventually get bored with repetitive exercises, no matter how good they might be for their health. However, swimming is an activity that always stays interesting. There are multiple strokes to masters and flotation to try out, when it comes to swimming. People can also engage in activities like water polo and aerobics when they feel that their routine is getting a bit monotonous.