Nabil Fakih Talks About The Reasons Why People May Opt To Go For a Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial appearance of a person is extremely important as it considerably influences the way others perceive them. As mentioned by Nabil Fakih while some people go for a facial plastic surgery to improve particular parts of their face, others do so to remove any kind of facial abnormalities, like a birth mark or cleft lip. Dr. Fakih is the former vice-president of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery, and majorly specializes in facial plastic surgery and Cranio-maxillo-facial surgery.  He mentions that many individuals also opt for a facial plastic surgery to reduce effects of sun damage or aging on their skin.

In most cases, people opt to undergo a facial plastic surgery due to a variety of personal reasons. While some may desire to look younger, others might want to change a facial feature that they have never liked.  Nabil Fakih says that these surgeries often instill greater self-confidence among individuals, and add to their sense of well-being.

The facial appearance of a person is the very first thing that others notice about them. Hence, everyone desires to have a perfect appearance that helps them to create a positive impression on others. A plastic surgery can significantly help people in this aspect. Such procedures can smoothen wrinkles, reduce fine lines, firm the jaw line and lift the brows of a person, subsequently enhancing the attractiveness of their face.

According to Nabil Fakih, there are multiple reasons why people opt to go for a facial plastic surgery. Here are some of the major ones:

  • Remove loose skin and wrinkles: The facial skin loses elasticity with age, resulting in loosening of the jaw line, drooping of the eyelids, as well as pulling down of the eyelids and brow. These effects often make people look older than their age, and add a general heaviness to their face. Facial plastic surgeries can remove the loose skin on the face, providing it a much youthful appearance. These procedures can also smooth the surface wrinkles and fine lines on the face.
  • Re-sculpt lost muscle tone:  The facial skin of person may become loose and saggy with age due to the loss of collagen beneath the skin.  A plastic surgery can help in re-sculpting the lost muscle tone, while maintaining the youthful shape of the face.
  • Increase self confidence: The appearance of a person majorly impacts their self confidence. A plastic surgery can aid people to look younger and improve their facial appearance, subsequently enabling them to get rid of any inhibitions they might have about their physical appearance.

As pointed out by Nabil Fakih before a person undergoes any facial plastic surgery, they must fully understand the procedure and have realistic expectations about it. They must try to consult an experienced and renowned surgeon for the procedure, who can deliver reliable results. People must also follow all the instructions given by their surgeon both before and after a plastic surgery, as it can make a significant difference in the results.